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    After so much researching, second guessing and changing minds we are finally making some progress and making some decisions on our kitchen remodel! 🙌🙌🙌 We just ordered our appliances last week and I can’t believe I had no anxiety about it. I think when we finally found the right fit, we were excited about it and it didn’t feel as scary. We have no idea if we made the right choice but we will find out 😬 and I will let you know! 😆

    I started our journey with the Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide which was super useful since we are first timers at this. It gave us a great overview of all the options and what brands tend to have higher ratings overall. Functionality is obviously very important to us but so is aesthetic which is why we settled on Kitchenaid. Originally I wanted all of the appliances to be the same brand so that they would match well together. We were specifically looking for a refrigerator, dishwasher and gas range. We opted to combine our built in oven and gas range into a slide in range to save some money. As much as we would like double ovens, we rarely use them and would rather save the money. To offset the loss of the second oven we picked up a turkey roaster on sale after Thanksgiving 🦃 We also chose this range with a baking drawer that heats up to 450 degrees 🔥

    Kitchenaid Gas Range

    The dishwasher was a no brainer because Kitchenaid has such great reviews on their dishwashers. We also decided on the option with a third rack for silverware because Nate and I still cannot agree on silverware face down or face up (🙋‍♀️team face up!) We are hoping for cleaner silverware and no disagreements! Our dishwasher will be in our island which will be a different color than the rest of the cabinets. Since we wanted it to make a statement we decided to panel the dishwasher to match 🖤

    Kitchenaid Panel Ready Dishwasher

    We really had the hardest time deciding on the refrigerator. Originally to finish the suite we wanted to do the Kitchenaid refrigerator because we loved the modern look of it. We really wanted a built-in because of where the fridge sits in our kitchen, you view it from the side and we didn’t want it sticking out. But we just could not justify the price tag of the built-ins so we decided on a counter depth option. When we went to see the Kitchenaid in person we didn’t love the gap between the shelves and the back of the fridge, not to mention the counter depth still left us with 3 inches sticking out from our cabinets. While we were there another fridge caught our eye that we never heard of, Fisher & Paykel. So we went home and did our research 🤓 I found great reviews on them! They are a well known, well established brand from New Zealand. They are newer to the United States and not as widely known as some of these other brands. The best part is they offer a much more affordable built-in option that comes panel-ready which solved all of our issues in one. We were able to have that flush look with the cabinets and it wouldn’t stick out as a different brand.

    Fisher & Paykel Integrated Refrigerator

    We are soo excited and can’t wait to see how it turns out. The only thing that does make me a little nervous is hopefully it will look seemless when it is all installed 🤞 Will keep you posted! Let me know if you have any experience with any of these appliances to see what we are in for! 😊🖤 On to more decision making 👊

    Kitchen Remodel Planning

    We officially scheduled our remodel with our contractor, things are starting to get real! I am so excited to get this show on the road. We had originally planned to renovate the kitchen right away after moving in. Instead we ended up having to fix drainage issues in our back yard, still important but definitely not as fun! We were then left with no budget for kitchen. So here we are almost 2 years later finally ready for a fresh new kitchen!! To say that I have been doing a little planning and prepping up until now would be an understatement, just ask Nate 🙀 If you follow me on instagram you have seen me sketching out the kitchen… and then re-sketching out the kitchen. I may be on the third draft 😬 After a LOT of back and forth we are finally making some progress. It just feels like such big decisions and so permanent! Here is my mood board of where I’m at right now. There are still 4 months left though so I can’t make any guarantees 😆


             Nemo Tile / Tiered Pendant / Hourglass Pendant / Mid-century Clock           Kitchenaid Appliances / Seagrass Barstool  / Single Bowl Sink / Delta Faucet

    As you can see we are still deciding on a couple of things like the pendant lights. Some things I just need to see in person so we might just have to order some and try them out. The thing I’m struggling with right now is door hardware. Up until now I really wanted it to be as clean as possible with no hardware. But the more I think about it, I just don’t know how I feel about the push button opening and how well it would hold up. Also I have been seeing some great examples out there that have me drooling over hardware. So now I need your opinions! The first option would be a matte black that would match the legs on the barstools as well as the pendants. But I’m not sure if I want the hardware to stand out that much.

    Curated Interiors


    Schoolhouse Electric

    The other option would be a brass handle that would match with the faucet. I love the idea of mixing metals since I tend to decorate with a variety as well. I also love how the brass blends with the tone of the cabinets that I am wanting. Leave it to Joanna Gaines to do a Mid-century remodel on Fixer Upper that has me drooling! I love these cabinets! 😍

    Magnolia Homes

    Schoolhouse Electric


    Or what about wood? Gahhhhhhh! Help!


    Let me know what you think! I need some advice from people who have some experience with this. Favorite combos? Handles that hold up better than others? I may just end up ordering one of each so I can obsess over them in person, ha!


    Recently some of my favorite design blogs have been doing “No Make-up Home Tours”, a real life look at what their houses look like on a daily basis. I’m loving it so much I decided to do one myself. One of my favorites was from Brepurposed, make sure to check her out! Even as a designer myself, knowing the set-up and styling that goes into a photo, sometimes it’s easy to forget these people’s houses don’t look like this all the time. Living in a house that we are remodeling means unfinished projects, tools and paint laying around everywhere. We also don’t have the budget to be able to decorate every room all at once. Not to mention we just aren’t neat and tidy people to begin with and we are ok with that 😆 So here is a peak into our house as it is right now, no cleaning or styling!

    This is our master bedroom and I would say our bed is unmade 90% of the time with the pillows all piled on this chair, making it unusable. If you caught my instagram story last week I was asking people if I should paint this wall dark or not because I couldn’t decide. Our wall has been like this for a few weeks now. I did decide to paint but I’m really going to have to rally to bring myself to get it done because I’m not feeling motivated!

    My vanity is where I get ready in the mornings and it is ALWAYS a mess. Do you like the tape measure and Lego ice cream cones? You never know what you might find!

    Our master bathroom stays fairly uncluttered but this basket is my catch-all and rarely looks cute. This week I bought toilet paper when we apparently already had a bunch so they all ended up here 😂 cute, right?

    The family room is my happy place ❤️ It is always so bright and sunny and a great place to sit and stare outside. Because of that I try to keep this clean and mostly toy free. This room, however, is also my constant struggle to decorate. It just never feels quite right but good enough for now!



    I have yet to find the right decor for this fireplace. Can you tell I’m trying out a few different ideas right now? Someday this will get converted into a gas fireplace but not anytime soon! I also love the bright teal boosters at our kitchen table peaking through the fireplace.

    This is an area that you don’t see very often as I usually try and crop it out 🙈 I have yet to figure out how I’m going to reach that window to finish painting.

    This is our dining room which is usually messy from kids or having friends and family over for dinner. One of the main reasons we wanted to buy a house was to have a place where people felt welcome and a place to gather. For that reason I knew it would always be full of messes but it is totally worth it. The coffee cart is always floating around the room because the spot I wanted to put it actually has no outlet! We’ll get there… someday.

    I rarely show our kitchen because I don’t even really like going in there 😬 I know I’m crazy! I actually don’t have anything in the cupboards because I was too grossed out by the mold we found in them. Yes, we have been living like this for the last year! We are hoping to do a complete remodel in the spring. Until then, we usually have a giant pile of dishes hanging out in the sink and frozen pizza on hand. We are super classy 👍


    The girls room is honestly pretty clean considering we had people over last night including 4 extra little girls. I have the hardest time trying to find homes for their toys. I usually like to have a certain spot for all the toys so it is easier to clean up but things like these dolls have yet to find a home. As of now the floor is their home.



    I love this bathroom, well both of our bathrooms really since we remodeled. I have struggled with decorating them though since we did it. As you can see I’m constantly trying out different things! Also who can live without wipes when you have kids? They never stay put away for very long.

    🙀 Ugg this office! As you can see this is the catch-all of our house. I feel really bad because this is where Nate works from everyday but he seems pretty un-phased by the mess. I tell myself once we get closet organizers in all of our rooms it won’t stay this way 🤞


    I never show photos of my downstairs because we are planning on remodeling the entire thing and I rarely go down except to do the laundry. Right now the girls use it as a play area and we don’t really have to worry about cleaning it up constantly. So here it is in all it’s glory, you’re welcome! 😆P.S. those mylar balloons are from August 🙌


    This is our downstairs bathroom which I never use as you can see from the lack of toilet paper! Note to self: bring some of that toilet paper downstairs 😵

    Last but not least our guest bedroom downstairs. Isn’t it cozy? You are welcome to come and stay whenever you like 😁


    In a recent post I mentioned my style has been changing these days and I may be moving over to the dark side 🖤 Normally I’m all about painting everything a crisp white, adding in neutral tones and textures and clean mid-century lined furniture. After venturing out and painting one wall a dark navy/black in our office, I caught the bug. One wall has turned into three and now its got me wanting more! I have already started painting our master bedroom wall and now its creeping into my plans for our kitchen remodel 😬 Give me some black, wood tones, maybe a sheepskin or two and a little rattan and I’m a happy gal 😍

    I am aware that once you head into kitchen territory things are a little more permanent. Since we will be gutting our current kitchen I decided to have a little fun and start painting things to see how it feels. So far I have just done the backsplash but I already love it! Here is a little before and after.




    I have also been on the search for moody kitchen inspiration. Here is what I’m obsessing over right now.

    Designed by Finnish interior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto


    Architect Gerry Smith  / Photography Samuel Morgan Photography.


    Amy Lau Design

    Have you found any great dark kitchen inspiration? Share it with us in the comments! 🖤🖤


    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m searching for a place to put some wallpaper in our house! When we first moved in we spent days peeling off multiple layers of wallpaper in our house, and unfortunately a little sheetrock. We cursed the people who ever thought it was a good idea to put it up in the first place. Now here I am doing the same thing 😆 But can you blame me after finding this gorgeous wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel. I even thought about using it as a backsplash in our kitchen! I must find a home for it 😍

    There are so many amazing wallpapers around these days, I just hope they have improved their ease of removal! Here are some others that I’m loving right now too, enjoy! 😁

    Anthropologie Geo Mosaic Wallpaper

    Orla Kiely Scribble Wallpaper

    Ferm Living Lines Wallpaper / Photo Credit: Cityhome collective


    So… dressers are expensive… 😖 I’m sure you already knew that but as we started our search to replace our kids’ dresser I was so overwhelmed! Their dresser has been falling apart for a couple years now but we kept hammering bent tracks back into place and popping the bottom back in. I have been searching and searching for an affordable kids dresser. I thought about just forking out the cash to buy something that will last but they are also kids and are probably going to destroy it. I had finally narrowed down my search just in time for the bottom to completely fall out of their drawer! I found a decently priced mid century dresser in the stain that would match their room and decided to show my oldest daughter. In about a second she nixed it, didn’t like it, it wasn’t pink 😳

    Now, I am not the biggest fan of pink. I have come to embrace it because I have 2 little girls that adore pink, but a dresser?! Since moving into our house my 7 year old has had all sorts of opinions about how her room should look, my 4 year old could care less. Of course she sees us designing the rest of the house and is starting to show her own creativity and wants to express it in her room. I mean you can’t crush that right? So instead we decided to collaborate!

    We started with finding a pink that we both liked. Luckily I had seen one from Land of Nod not too long ago that I liked and decided to color match it for our paint. After several hours on Pinterest I decided on the IKEA Tarva dresser.

    We could do some simple tweaking to the legs to give us the clean mid century lines that fit with our house. I found this great tutorial by Sarah Sherman Samuel that gives you the list of materials and step by step instructions on how to do it. It really is crazy how much just changing the legs makes it into a whole new dresser. I’m not going to lie, we had my brother in law do the cutting for us because we are not handy at all and we have no tools 😬 But I did do the measuring! That counts for something right?

    We chose to switch out the knobs to add some brass and pick up on the brass accents in the rest of the room. I actually stole them from another dresser in our master bedroom that I had upgraded last year 😂 Gotta do what you gotta do to stay on budget! I will replace them at a later date, they are from Amazon, you can buy them individually or you can get a deal by buying a 10 pack.

    West Elm Basket / Target Stool / IKEA SheepskinAmazon knobs

    Target Faux Succulent / Target Basket / Wooden Blocks

    The girls room is finally feeling finished which is always a relief to check something off the list! I’m also really glad we decided to collaborate on a solution together instead of me just doing what I wanted. I think the end result turned out so much better than any of the dressers I picked and is so much more her personality than mine.

    Wood Growth Chart / Prince Lionheart Rocking Horse


    We are finally back! After a long summer break, school starting for the girls and our first bout of flu 😭 we are ready to show you what has been inspiring us and what we are working on. My daughter gave me the kick to get back to blogging after I saw she has started her own blog now 😍 Not quite public yet but its a start!

    Over the summer we tried not to take on too many new projects and I spent my time being inspired by the awesome design community on Instagram! I feel like my style has been changing and morphing into something new and exciting. I think that may happen every time you move into a new house. Every house seems to lend itself to certain styles. I have also been on the search for new places to find affordable furniture and decor that isn’t Target. I feel like my whole house will be from Target soon so I better branch out! Don’t get me started on all the fun stuff coming this fall, that is a whole other post! 😬

    Since Nate works for Amazon, he gives me the low down on fun finds on their website. They have really been upping their home decor game. Sometimes when you aren’t looking for something specific though, it can be a bit overwhelming to browse. So I thought I would share my new favorite spot to drool over!

    Amazon rounded up all their favs in categories by style and/or product in their Interesting Finds section. I am loving this Desert Dwelling roundup!

    Their starburst clock selection is bonkers there are so many to choose from! My all time favorite right now though is the Mid Century section. Here are a couple that I may or may not be obsessing over at the moment!

    Happy browsing! Let me know if you find any sweet deals 😉


    When moving into a house from an apartment it feels like the amount of furniture you are lacking to fill your home is endless. As much as I would love to show a finished room, with all of the ideas and pieces I dreamed of including, it just isn’t realistic. In order to save for the big renovations we have cut back in other areas. Which means home decor isn’t a priority. Instead we are working with what we have to get to a point that I am calling “Finished For Now”. But I’m finding I actually feel good about it, there is something great about taking time to live in each space and purposefully collect over time instead of instantly having a new room.

    With that being said I wanted to show you one of these “finished for now” rooms, our master bedroom! Even though buying furniture for our bedroom is not a priority, making it a cozy space for us to feel at home in is. The biggest thing in this room was the paint. We started by repainting all the walls, as well as the trim and closets in Benjamin Moore White Dove. It made such a huge difference painting the trim because this room tends to feel really dark.

    Here is the room as the previous owners had it. Even though it is a large room, the closets and windows really limit the options for furniture arrangement.

    We ended up doing a similar arrangement as the previous owners. There really is only one spot for the bed which doesn’t leave a lot of room for bedside tables. We ended up using shelves instead and I love them! We don’t have a huge need for storing stuff and the times that we do we have the dresser and vanity as backup.

    Bedside Lamp / IKEA shelf / West Elm Curtains

    Wall art is always the last thing that I worry about because I have such a hard time deciding what to put up. I don’t want it to be just random art that matches the decor, I want it to be meaningful. Everything we put in our bedroom we made ourselves. This one of the date of our anniversary is one of my favs because it is so simple that anyone can make it. The font I used is Avant Garde CE and I did a single run print from I also really love the silly pics of our girls. We tried to pick photos that reflected their personalities right now.

    Since our master bathroom is on the small side there is a real lack of space for getting ready in the mornings. Instead of having us both cram into one area we created a vanity area right outside of the bathroom. The basket underneath is a great catch-all for curling irons and blow dryers when not being used.

    Vanity / Mirror / Basket

    This last area was an easy fix. With this little niche we just replaced the knobs on the dresser and pulled off the old nasty mirror that was there. We also replaced the plastic on this recessed light. It is seriously amazing what small changes and a coat of paint can do to a room.

    Drawer Knobs / Vase

    Side Chair / Rug

    There are still things I want to change and add but I know its not something I plan on doing for a long time. By the time I get to it I’m sure I will have changed my mind! But for now I’m calling it finished. 😃🙌


    Just wanted to share some of my inspiration for today. I have about a million fav magazines but here are two that I am currently reading. Yesterday I took a special trip to the bookstore with my littlest lady for a little magazine pick me up. I knew I wanted Atomic Ranch since I am brainstorming kitchen ideas. They are a great source for mid century ideas and education on the classics! Right now I’m looking to see how others are keeping the mid century flair in their modern updates as well as how they are mixing metals. When we got home I was jazzed to find my Magnolia Journal had arrived! I love Joanna’s earthy take on modern, industrial and sometimes even a little mid century design! What are you reading today?